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ProGanics Brochure - Vietnamese

Click the link to download the ProGanics Brochure – Vietnamese.

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Flexterra HP-FGM Brochure - Vietnamese

Click the link to download the Flexterra HP-FGM Brochure – Vietnamese.

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Reestablishing Life After a Wildfire (Storm Water Solutions: July 2, 2019)

After the devastating Thomas Wildfire, Flexterra HP-FGM was used to help protect slopes from erosion in Montecito, California.

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ProFlex Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The ProFlex™ System (ProGanics® BSM™ and Flexterra® HP-FGM®) — the ultimate way to improve and protect soil.

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Just Add Water (and Seed and Nutrients) (Erosion Control: January 2019)

Construction can lead to depleted soils. This article outlines why it’s best to improve soil quality with amendments, instead of trucking in topsoil.

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Hydroseeding Stabilizes Oroville Dam During, After Crisis (, May 22, 2019)

When the Oroville Dam faced a crisis, engineers needed a quick solution for the erosion issues. Read how Profile's CocoFlex solved the problem.

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Getting Started with PS3

An overview and tutorials for Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3), the only web-based tool for site design and product selection.

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"Water Savings” of Straw-Based Hydraulic Products Technical Comparison
Tech Bulletin

Read how yield and water-holding capacity are important factors when comparing hydraulically applied products.

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Greener Solutions for Your Environment Video

Profile is the market share leader delivering greener solutions to preserve resources and enhancing the quality of life at work, at home and at play.

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Chicago Bears’ Halas Hall Practice Field Expansion Case Study
Case Studies

The Chicago Bears constructed two additional practice fields and used Profile Porous Ceramics to tackle the unique challenges for the expansion project.

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