Get in the Know with Profile’s Free Lunch ‘n Learn Seminar Series and Receive PDH Credits

We’ll bring lunch—and talk to your staff about the latest industry issues.

Staying up to date on government regulations and new technologies while meeting the needs of your business is difficult. That’s why Profile Products is offering interactive training at your site through our Lunch ‘n Learn seminar series.
Tell us what you would like to discuss (you’ll find a sign up form here) and we will bring in lunch and present a brief, yet informative seminar to you and your staff on any of the following:

  •  Green Design Engineering Alternatives to Replace Hard Armor – Learn how the GreenArmor™ System combines engineering and agronomic excellence to extend the boundaries of natural vegetation with quick, thick and long-lasting turf.
  • Hydraulically Applied Technologies – Learn the differences between and application niches for advanced hydraulically applied erosion control and vegetative establishment materials such as Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) and Flexible Growth Medium™ (FGM™).
  • Turf Establishment Blankets – We’ll cover netted and netless erosion control blanket solutions, and offer guidelines for the types of sites for which they’re best suited.
  • Fiber Filtration Tubes for Effective Sediment Retention – This seminar will provide a brief overview of this new technology, present case studies and offer guidelines for their successful application.
  • Selection Criteria for Cost-Effective Erosion and Sediment Control – Learn how to select the most appropriate products and solutions for your sites.
  • NPDES Phase II Compliance Strategies – We’ll help you understand government regulations and best management practices to ensure compliance.
  • Golf Course Solutions – Learn about the products and technologies designed to control erosion, establish vegetation and improve soil mixes on every part of the golf course.
  • Improved Soil Structure for More Sustainable Landscapes – Learn how you can create a better root zone for turf and plant sustainability, and increase the success of turf and plant establishment.

 SIGN UP TODAY by completing and submitting the form here, and Profile Products will contact you to schedule a FREE seminar and lunch.