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Profile’s 5 Fundamentals take the guesswork out of the crucial decisions that need to be made and will ultimately benefit both you—and—your customers.

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Product Enviro-Fibers

Enviro-Fibers® hydraulic mulches are one of the most contaminant-free mulches available.

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Product Second Nature

Second Nature® hydraulic mulches provide superior moisture-retention to accelerate the growth process while keeping erosion to a minimum.

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Product The Best Granular Mulch to Quickly and Easily Establish Vegetation.

Ideal for small hydroseeders or broadcast application, Seed Aide CoverGrow helps grass start fast.

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Product Profile EzFlo Blend

High performance in an easy-to-manage product.

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Product Vegetative Overspray

Vegetative Overspray provides added security to seeding.

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Product EcoSolutions

No hydraulic mulch is more widely recognized around the world than the Eco series of products.

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Product HydroCover

This complete line of hydraulic mulch and related accessories is available across the U.S. through SiteOne.

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Product SoilCover

SoilCover® hydraulic mulches effectively stabilize soil, promote more complete seed germination, and ensure you’re not called back to a site for reapplication.

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