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Resource ProFlex Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The ProFlex™ System (ProGanics® BSM™ and Flexterra® HP-FGM®) — the ultimate way to improve and protect soil.

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Resource Just Add Water (and Seed and Nutrients) (Erosion Control: January 2019)

Construction can lead to depleted soils. This article outlines why it’s best to improve soil quality with amendments, instead of trucking in topsoil.

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Resource Hydroseeding Stabilizes Oroville Dam During, After Crisis (, May 22, 2019)

When the Oroville Dam faced a crisis, engineers needed a quick solution for the erosion issues. Read how Profile's CocoFlex solved the problem.

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Resource "Water Savings” of Straw-Based Hydraulic Products Technical Comparison
Tech Bulletin

Read how yield and water-holding capacity are important factors when comparing hydraulically applied products.

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Resource Spec Builder Guide

Spec Builder™ is a fast, free and easy-to-use online specification drafting tool for erosion control and reclamation professionals.

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Resource Flexterra HP-FGM Datasheet - French

Flexterra® HP-FGM™ est un substrat de croissance flexible complètement biodégradable à haut rendement (HP-FGM)

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Resource "Choosing the Right Machine” (Erosion Control: Nov/Dec 2018)

Erosion Control Magazine article highlighting the success of several projects with the proper hydroseeding equipment and Profile’s products.

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Resource Working With Nature to Solve Eroded Creek Bank

Erosion control article featuring Profile’s environmentally friendly solution to restore an eroded creek bed in Conroe, Texas.

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Resource Notable Golf Course Project Map

View a list of Profile's Notable Golf Course Projects on a Global Map.

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