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Resource Profile Golf - Your Total Growth Partner
Case Studies

Profile Golf is the game’s premier provider of proven golf course product solutions that are scientifically formulated to establish, maintain, and improve turfgrass and surrounding vegetation across every high-profile area of a golf course.

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Resource We’re Not Bluffing (Informed Infrastructure: October 2019)

See how the ProFlex™ System flipped this failed blanket project into a successful revegetation site.

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Resource I-210/I-15 California Fire Reclamation Case Study
Case Studies

ProGanics® BSM™ and ProMatrix™ EFM™ Case Study: Fire Reclamation Project

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Resource Luxor Creek Bridge Case Study
Case Studies

ProGanics® BSM™ Case Study: Renovated Bridge Project

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Resource Project Profile: Saving Labor, Saving Soil (Erosion Control: September 20, 2019)

Read how ProGanics® DUAL™ Biotic Soil+ Erosion Control transformed this residential construction site in Louisiana in nearly half the time.

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Resource ProFlex Product Sheet - Chinese
Product Sheet

The ProFlex™ System (ProGanics® BSM™ and Flexterra® HP-FGM®) — the ultimate way to improve and protect soil.

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Resource ProGanics DUAL CSI Specifications
CSI Specifications

View/download the ProGanics DUAL CSI Specifications.

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Resource ProGanics DUAL FAQ
Proof Points

Your ProGanics® DUAL™ Questions Answered

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Resource ProGanics® DUAL™ — D.R. Horton Residential Case Study
Case Studies

With time and money on the line, see how ProGanics® DUAL™ Biotic Soil + Erosion Control vegetated this D.R. Horton residential construction site.

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Resource ProGanics DUAL Video

Learn all about new, one-step ProGanics DUAL. It can save time, tank loads and increase job-site productivity.

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