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Resource HECP vs. Blanket Comparison Calculator

Download the calculator to compare the cost of hydraulic mulch versus rolled erosion control blankets and see how you can save.

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Resource ET-FGM, HP-FGM, BFM, SMM Application Guide - Spanish
Application Guide

To download the ET-FGM, HP-FGM, BFM, SMM Application Guide – Spanish, click the link.

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Resource ProMatrix EFM Datasheet - French

ProMatrix™ Engineered Fiber Matrix™ (EFM™) est 100 % biodegradable et composée de fibres de bois vierges 100% recyclées, raffinées thermiquement de fibres biodégradables enchevêtrées et crêpées, des biopolymères réticulés et des absorbants d'eau.

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Resource Hydro-Blanket BFM Datasheet - French

La matrice en fibres non tissées Hydro-Blanket® (BFM) est 100 % biodegradable et composée de fibres de bois vierges 100 % recyclées et des biopolymères réticulés.

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Resource Hydraulic Mulch vs. Blankets Video

See why hydraulic mulch is better than blankets.

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Resource HECP vs. ECB Guide

More agencies and specifiers are “rolling up their blankets” and making the switch to Flexterra® or ProMatrix™.

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Resource USDA Forest Service Update
Tech Bulletin

USDA Forest Service update on wildlife entrapment from erosion control material.

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Resource NRCS Biology Fact Sheet
Tech Bulletin

Guidelines for use of snake-friendly erosion control blankets.

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Resource Department of Biological Services, University of Wisconsin
Tech Bulletin

White paper on the threat to snakes posed by mesh deployed for erosion control.

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