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Resource Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3) Video

See how PS3 can help you create holistic and sustainable solutions.

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Resource Hydraulic Mulch vs. Blankets Video

See why hydraulic mulch is better than blankets.

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Press Release Profile Products Supports Golf Course Builders with GCBAA Donation and Rebate Program March 29, 2018

Profile's Program Pays More than $5,000 Back to Golf Course Builders and GCBAA Foundation

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Resource HECP vs. ECB Guide

More agencies and specifiers are “rolling up their blankets” and making the switch to Flexterra® or ProMatrix™.

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Resource USDA Forest Service Update
Tech Bulletin

USDA Forest Service update on wildlife entrapment from erosion control material.

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Resource NRCS Biology Fact Sheet
Tech Bulletin

Guidelines for use of snake-friendly erosion control blankets.

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Resource Department of Biological Services, University of Wisconsin
Tech Bulletin

White paper on the threat to snakes posed by mesh deployed for erosion control.

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Resource California Coastal Commission
Tech Bulletin

Wildlife-friendly plastic-free netting in erosion and sediment control products — a water quality factsheet for permit applicants.

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Resource Blanket Netting and Animal Entrapment
Proof Points

The USDA Forest Service and NRCS, others speak out.

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