Acres  Square Feet  
Editable Data
  Volume Based Topsoil and/or Compost
  Material Depth in Inches Cubic Yards Needed Cost Per Cubic Yard Total Cost
  Total Material   
    Cubic Yards     Total Truckloads
  Truck Size    
  Material Hauling Number Of Truckloads Miles to Job Site Cost Per Mile1 Total Cost 
  Installation Cubic Yards Material Cost Per Cubic Yard    
  Total Transportation & Installation Cost
  Total Cost  
  Material Application Rate (lb/ac) # Bags Needed Cost Per Bag Total Cost
  Transportation   Number Of Pallets2 Cost Per Pallet3  
  Installation4 Acres Cost per Acre    
  Total ProGanics™ Cost
    ProGanics™ Cost Savings:
  1. Cost Per Mile -  Cost per mile is based on a round trip from topsoil borrow pit or compost/other location to job site. Enter zeros in mileage and cost per mile if you have a delivered Cost. If you have a flat rate hauling cost per truckload, make sure you add it to your material cost.
2. Number of Pallets - Forty, 50 lb bags of ProGanics™ per one ton pallet = 2,000 lb/pallet
  3. Cost Per Pallet -  Based on LTL freight rates per 2,000 lb pallet or full truckload pricing for 22 pallets = 880 bags. If you have a delivered ProGanics cost, enter zero in your freight cost per pallet. 
  4. Installation- ProGanics™ is hydraulically-applied with complementary soil amendments and seed in one convenient and time saving application.
  ProGanics™ application rate is dependent on percentage of organic matter determined from soil testing.
  ProGanics™ has been designed as a source of organic matter and soil building components to replace or supplement topsoil. It is not intended as a standalone product and a complementary hydraulically-applied or rolled erosion control product should be placed above this Engineered Soil Media. Please be sure to include costs of erosion control products to be installed above ProGanics, topsoil, compost  and/or other source of organic matter. You can analyze your total project costs using our convenient master calculator in Profile Soil Solutions Software at:
Please consult with Profile Products or your local distributor regarding your site conditions.