Profile Products Announces Change to Company Master Brand

September 14, 2011

Solutions for your Environment™ Falls in Line with Expanding Business Reach

PROFILE Products LLC announces it is changing its master brand to better represent its evolving business. The master brand is best expressed in its updated logo and new tagline: Solutions for your Environment™.

“Profile is putting a stronger emphasis on providing site-specific solutions for our customers,” said John Schoch, president and CEO of Profile Products. “No two challenges are the same, and no two solutions should be exactly the same.” 

“Solutions need to be specific to our customers’ environments,” he said. “This mindset is true across all of our business groups. From sports fields to highways, soil amendments to erosion control, our goal is to provide viable, cost-effective and valuable solutions.”

The company’s stronger emphasis on environmental stewardship in recent years has altered both its product design and purpose of use for the better, Schoch said. Therefore, the company wanted to better express the strength of those innovative products, the company’s environmental commitment and, most importantly, its customized solutions.

“We understand a common challenge for our customers is winning projects, so we are constantly looking at how to bring value to our products,” Schoch said. “As regulations and environmental expectations continue to increase, we continue to work diligently to develop environmentally safe and biodegradable products, then rigorously test them to ensure that they meet or exceed today’s standards.”

One way Profile® is bringing its “Solutions for your Environment” brand promise to life is through its newly redesigned website. 

The reinvented offers easier navigation and enhanced information to help customers find the ideal solution fast. Its “site specific solutions” menu helps customers find tailored product recommendations in several project categories including golf courses, landscapes and pipelines.

To view an online video of Schoch announcing Profile’s new master brand, visit