Hydraulic Mulch

Introducing New Profile High Performance Mulch

For decades, Profile has brought you the industry’s leading hydraulically applied mulch technologies. Now we’re bringing you our proprietary Thermally Refined® wood fibers and clean cellulose fibers in a unified family of mulch products. Every product in the mulch line is specifically designed to deliver the highest level of performance in each of their respective categories.



Profile® Products also manufactures other lines of wood, cellulose and wood-cellulose blended hydraulically applied mulches. Those brands include:


Now you can create erosion control and reclamation specifications in minutes. With intuitive step-by-step instructions, this free and easy-to-use online tool delivers customizable, always up-to-date specifications in editable Word files. Try it today  



PS3 gives you access to FREE soil testing and helpswalk you through the process of proper soil sampling techniques. Send us your sample and you’ll receive a comprehensive analysis detailing the site’s soil characteristics.

Get recommendations on what amendments, plant species and erosion control measures may be necessary to correct or improve the soil and are needed to establish sustainable vegetation. Start the process of improving your soil. Start utilizing PS3 today.

Featured Products

The Best Granular Mulch to Quickly and Easily Establish Vegetation.

Ideal for small hydroseeders or broadcast application, Seed Aide CoverGrow helps grass start fast.

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Profile EzFlo Blend

High performance in an easy-to-manage product.

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