Enhance the root zone on the most critical part of your course.

ProfileGolf™ offers a full line of industry-leading product solutions that improve the growing conditions on greens, which results in reduced maintenance and input costs as well as longer greens life.

  • Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC) Greens Grade increases the water-, nutrient- and oxygen-holding capacity of your greens — delaying the onset of drought stress — while still providing superior drainage.

  • Aqua-pHix safely and quickly lowers pH and loosens soil for greater water infiltration and healthier, thicker turf.

  • Futerra® 7010 TRM prevents ice from forming on greens, without prohibiting infiltration of water. An added benefit, its dark color absorbs sunlight, helping to warm greens even in the coldest months.

Localized Dry Spot

Localized Dry Spot (LDS) is a source of frustration for superintendents with otherwise good performing greens. University research and the success of thousands of superintendents prove that the incorporation of Profile Greens Grade in the root zone can reduce or eliminate this issue.

Instead of a Band-Aid approach, incorporating Profile Greens Grade in the root zone increases capillary pore space (water) without decreasing non-capillary pore space (air), therefore no reduced drainage. This re-balancing of the soil’s physical characteristics is a more long term or permanent solution to control LDS and help to provide high-functioning root zones on your greens.


  • 74% pore space: (39% Capillary/Water; 35% Non-Capillary/Air)
  • CEC: 33 meg/100 g
  • Stability: 3% degradation over 20 years
  • Sizing: Meets USGA sand guidelines


  • Drains faster than sand
  • Retains 93% of its weight in water while increasing drainage
  • Reduces organic buildup and compaction in soils
  • Increases CEC of soils
  • Dries out surface algae


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Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC) Greens Grade

Profile® Porous Ceramic (PPC) Greens Grade™ soil amendment permanently improves sand-based root zones.

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