Hydraulic Mulch Additives

Greater value in every tank; more reliable results for every job.

ProPlus® accessories comprise the industry’s most advanced line of soil neutralizers and conditioners, growth stimulants, tackifiers and fiber amendments. They help:

  • Hydraulic slurries shoot farther and spread more evenly
  • Mulches bond to soil more securely
  • Seeds germinate more quickly and more completely
  • Plants develop deeper roots for more sustainable results

The agronomic expertise behind Green Design Engineering™ goes into every ProPlus formula.

Our formulas are specially designed for specific applications:

Hydraulic Mulch Additives Categories

ProPlus Fiber Mulch Amendments

For stronger bonds, better shooting and maximum yield.

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ProPlus Tackifiers, Moisture Management & Dust Control

Increase bonding, absorption and adhesiveness.

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