ProPlus Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations

Improve soil’s capacity to support plant life.

Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations (PAFs) are scientifically designed to boost the fertility and vitality of soils at critical stages of plant development. Our line of soil neutralizers and growth stimulants address specific soil and growing conditions and can:

  • Enhance soil structure
  • Increase soil moisture infiltration and retention
  • Improve nutrient uptake by plants
  • Stimulate germination and growth
  • Help achieve denser, more sustainable vegetative cover

The agronomic expertise behind these products is what separates Profile® from all the rest.

Featured Products

Aqua-pHix Hydro Formula

Choose Aqua-pHix™ for soil pH values over 7.3.

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NeutraLime Dry

Choose NeutraLime™ Dry for soil pH values less than 6.3.

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NeutraLime Liquid

For soil pH values less than 6.3, choose NeutraLime™ Liquid.

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Accelerate vegetation establishment with Jumpstart™.

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Rejuvenate poor soils and enhance long-term vegetation sustainability.

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