Profile Products Introduces CoverGrow™ Mulch Pellets

February 5, 2013

Versatile pellets can be spread or sprayed to make quick work of smaller seeding projects

New CoverGrow™ Spread or Spray advanced pellet technology introduced by Profile Products offers unmatched on-the-ground performance compared to other leading pellets. 

CoverGrow can be applied by hand or spreader, or sprayed hydraulically. CoverGrow mixes easily, even in jet-agitated hydroseeders where it goes quickly into suspension. It is also designed to provide a smoother flow for easy spreader application. Once activated by water, the pellets quickly expand in size and disperse to provide greater coverage and a stronger protective cover. A 40-pound bag of CoverGrow yields 50 pounds of coverage.

“CoverGrow represents an advancement in pellet technology,” said Wally Butman, Vice President of Sales. “It is designed to absorb more water more quickly, which not only makes it an easy-to-mix and smooth shooting hydraulic mulch, it is also a more effective dry-applied mulch. The increased swelling and dispersion provide better coverage, which results in faster germination and vegetation establishment.” 

Made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers, CoverGrow pellets also feature an advanced tackifier technology that helps resist rainfall impact and keep the pellets in place. They are ideal for reseeding irregular shapes and bare or dead spots on roadside strips, golf courses and lawns.

Online video demonstrations illustrate the new product’s ability to quickly absorb water, easily mix, and cover completely. To view a hydraulic application demonstration, click here. To view a dry application demonstration, click here.

For more information, please contact Jeff Salem, Swanson Russell, 402-437-6409,