PROFILE Products LLC Announces Continuation of 'Spray It, Don't Lay It' Rebate Program

May 10, 2011

PROFILE Products LLC is continuing the “Spray it, Don’t Lay It” rebate program launched in 2009 that encourages contractors to convert a project specification from a rolled erosion control blanket to a Profile® hydraulic erosion control product. Contractors can earn up to $122.50 per acre or $1,540 per truckload, for participation in the program.

“We are confident through this rebate program contractors will see the overwhelming benefits of hydraulically applied erosion control solutions,” said Adam Dibble, Profile Products marketing manager. “Profile’s comprehensive line of cost-effective, earth-friendly hydraulically applied solutions has the best overall performance, which reduces a contractor’s costs. We have the third-party testing to prove it.”

There is no limit on the number of projects a contractor may submit for rebates. All that is required of the contractor to receive a rebate is to successfully convert a project specified for rolled erosion control blankets to Profile hydraulically applied erosion control products and submit the rebate form.

According to independent testing, which can be found at, Profile’s hydraulically applied solutions perform better than traditional methods in a variety of ways. With Profile solutions, contractors get better control of soil erosion with fewer washouts, accelerated seed germination that leads to faster vegetation establishment and a documented functional longevity of up to two years. All of these benefits ultimately reduce costly contractor callbacks.

Eligible hydraulically applied erosion control solutions from Profile Products include Terra-Matrix™ SMMEcoMatrix™ SMMHydro-Blanket® BFM,EcoAegis® BFMFlexterra® HP-FGM™ and CocoFlex™ ET-FGM.

For complete program details and information to help contractors change project specs, visit