Profile Products Unveils The Most Comprehensive Specifications In Erosion Control

July 18, 2017

Buffalo Grove, IL –Profile Products, the world’s largest manufacturer of erosion control products, has unveiled, a robust new resource for erosion control and vegetation establishment specifications. Available on computers, tablets and smartphones via the company’s website, the guide provides a single source for industry professionals to identify and select solutions based on the unique characteristics and needs of their project. The company collaborated with a range of engineers, contractor partners and other land management experts to develop the resource, the most comprehensive of its kind available in the market.

 “We made considerable effort to ensure that we feature a simple selection process that allowed for different site characteristics to direct a solution,” said Profile Products Senior Brand Manager Adam Dibble, CESSWI. “No two projects are exactly the same and neither should be your approach.”

 The resource includes land nuances such as slope gradient, soil amendment, and soil enhancements with comprehensive specifications in an easily readable, accessible format. The specifications include a soil testing component that offers free testing and results that can be included in the specification to ensure a more prescriptive solution. Product suggestions are also provided to give a full spectrum of options and solutions. The resource can be attained free of charge both in-office or on-site across multiple web-connected devices to empower industry professionals to gauge their needs, explore specifications, and determine a soil erosion and vegetation establishment approach that best fits their project.

 “We developed these resources to ensure a no-hassle approach to getting the right products and solutions on project sites,” added Profile Products President Jim Tanner. “The result is a better way to identify your needs, develop an approach, and ultimately reduces project risk of failures.” 

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