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GreenArmor System Brochure - Russian

Click the link to download the GreenArmor System Brochure – Russian.

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Futerra 7003 TRM Datasheet

Futerra® 7003 is a lightweight three-dimensional turf reinforcement mat (TRM) made of continuous monofilaments fused at their intersections.

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Futerra TRM Maintenance Program
Installation Guide

The Futerra® Maintenance Program was developed to ensure that the function of the Futerra Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) will perform as it was designed - to minimize erosion and protect the established vegetation during extreme storm events.

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Futerra TRM Brochure

Futerra root reinforcement technology was introduced in the early 1970’s and set the parameters for success for all erosion control products.

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Blankets and Mats - Roll with the Times

They're all around us- running along highway embankments, lining channels and streams and climbing steep slopes.

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Tough Turf (Storm Water Solutions: July/August 2012)

Vegetation is the most accepted method for protecting against erosion. However, when sites exhibit extreme conditions where high-flow velocities and shear stresses exceed the limits of natural vegetation, “hard armor” is often assumed to be the only answer.

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Mountain High (Storm Water Solutions: Feb 2015)

Erosion control holds the slopes of the 2014 Winter Olympics in place

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Futerra 7020 TRM Certification Letter
Certification Letter

View/download the Futerra 7020 Certificate of Compliance.

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