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Solutions for Mined Land Reclamation - Spanish
Product Sheet

Profile® fabrica la línea de productos más completa para la recuperación de suelos alterados severamente.

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Thermally Refined Wood Fiber
Proof Points

Superior fibers deliver superior results.

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Terra-Tubes Installation Overview
Installation Guide

To download the Terra-Tubes Installation Overview, click the link.

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Terra-Tubes Certification Letter
Certification Letter

View/download the Terra-Tubes Certification Letter.

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Terra-Tubes SDS

To download the Terra-Tubes SDS, click the link.

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Terra-Tubes Profile View - Slope and Channel Detail

To download the Terra-Tubes Profile View - Slope and Channel Detail, click the link.

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Boulder Business Park, PA Case Study
Case Studies

Terra-Tubes™ Case Study: Water Filtration in Boulder Business Park

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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Case Study
Case Studies

Flexterra® FGM™ and Terra-Tubes® Case Study: Greening-up “Mountains” of Slag

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Erosion Control Value Insert

Only Profile® mulches make you money across your entire project, and we can prove it!

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Terra-Tubes Brochure

Terra-Tubes are the industry’s most cost effective storm water treatment device designed to effectively trap, filter and treat sediment-laden runoff while reducing hydraulic energy.

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