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Resource Futerra F4 SDS

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Resource Futerra 7003 TRM Spec Soil-Filled
Standard Specifications

This section specifies a permanent Geosynthetic Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) with soil infill, to prevent long-term soil and vegetation loss resulting from excessive water flow in which unreinforced vegetation could not resist.

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Product GreenArmor System

A revolutionary green alternative to hard armor.

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Product Futerra R45 HP-TRM

The most complete turf reinforcement mat—ever!

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Product Futerra F4 Netless

Futerra® F4 Netless®: Starting a blanket revolution!

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Product Futerra EnviroNet

Futerra® EnviroNet™: Designed for nature.

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Product Futerra TRM

Double the performance of natural vegetation.

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Product Straw Netting

Use Straw Netting to effectively reduce rain and wind impact.

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Product Round Top Pin™, Bio-Pin & Driver

Round Top Pin™, Bio-Pin and Driver meet every challenge.

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Product Metal Anchoring Staples

Nail down the job with Profile’s Metal Anchoring Staples.

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