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Resource Soil Testing is the Key to Project Success

Take advantage of a FREE soil test from

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Resource Profile’s 5 Fundamentals

Profile’s 5 Fundamentals take the guesswork out of the crucial decisions that need to be made and will ultimately benefit both you—and—your customers.

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Resource Profile Project Map
Case Studies

View Profile's Project Case Studies in a Global Map.

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Product BioCover

An effective, cost-saving alternative daily cover (ADC)

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Resource BioCover Product Sheet
Product Sheet

BioCover™ Alternative Daily Cover (ADC), is a hydraulically applied product manufactured from Thermally Refined® wood fibers combined with cellulose fiber and a viscous hydro-colloid tackifier.

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Resource Green Design Engineering Product Sheet
Product Sheet

Profile Products’ Green Design Engineering™ creates cost-effective and environmentally superior solutions through the design, manufacture and application of sustainable erosion control and vegetation establishment technologies.

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Resource Solutions for Managing Fly Ash Challenges
Product Sheet

Stricter regulations regarding fly ash storage and disposal handling methods are being enacted, requiring increased erosion control, stabilization and dust suppression methods.

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Resource Thermally Refined Wood Fiber
Proof Points

Superior fibers deliver superior results.

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Resource BioCover SDS

This page features the Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for BioCover.

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Resource Erosion Control Value Insert

Only Profile® mulches make you money across your entire project, and we can prove it!

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