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Profile Golf: Proven solutions from tee to green, and everywhere between.

Golf courses

Profile Golf™ offers a portfolio of products designed to establish, maintain and improve the turf and surrounding vegetation on every part of your course. Golf course architects, builders and superintendents have put their trust in Profile’s turf establishment, erosion control and soil amendments for a wide array of construction, renovation and maintenance needs.

Profile Golf is also a proud partner in industry education with the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA). Read more about how this partnership is helping advance golf course development and remodeling.

Profile Golf offers product solutions and consultative resources for root zone enhancement, erosion control and vegetative establishment. On courses of every caliber, the proven performance of Profile Golf products is making a world of difference on:

  • Greens – Incorporate Profile® Porous Ceramics (PPC) into your root zone mix with PPC Greens Grade to create the optimal growth medium. For maintenance, topdress with Profile Porous Ceramics – available in both natural and emerald coloring for aesthetic appeal. And during the winter months you can even protect your greens from ice damage by rolling out out Futerra® 7010 TRM as a protective cover. 
  • Fairways – Use the revolutionary hydraulically-applied Flexterra® HP-FGM™ to help control erosion and establish turf during your next construction or renovation project. Enhance soil fertility during grow-in with our complete line of ProPlus® Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations. Improve your native soil mix with Profile Field & Fairway™. Control high pH and salt levels with Aqua-pHix™.
  • Tee Boxes – Build your tee boxes right by adding Field & Fairway to the root zone. Help maintain your tee boxes and cover divots with Profile Porous Ceramics.
  • Bunkers – Add stability to the turf on your bunker faces by constructing them using Profile’s GreenArmor System™, which combines the stability of Futerra Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) and industry-leading performance of Flexterra HP-FGM (Flexible Growth Medium).
  • Streams & Creek Beds – Protect high-discharge waterways and steep slopes on your course with Profile’s GreenArmor System™, which combines the strength of Futerra Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) and the industry-leading performance of Flexterra HP-FGM (Flexible Growth Medium).
  • Turf Repair – Newly re-seeded areas of repair are easily and completely protected with CoverGrow™ —mulch pellets that can be applied hydraulically through a broadcast spreader or by hand.

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