Spray It. Don't Lay It! Manufacturer Rebate

Earn up to $122.50 per acre when you hydroseed. No limit on the number of projects you can submit for rebates.

Contractors: Earn up to $122.50 more per acre when you switch to Profile® hydraulics!

Download the form for our "Spray It, Don't Lay It" rebate program. You can earn up to $70 per ton of product! Eligibility is easy—successfully convert a project specified for rolled erosion control blankets to Profile® hydraulics. (Rebate is up to $122.50 per acre. No limit or cap on number of projects.)

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Current Rebate Amounts

ProductRebate Amount
ProMatrix™ EFM™$40/ton or $1.00/bale
Flexterra® HP-FGM™$55/ton or $1.38/bale
CocoFlex® ET-FGM$70/ton or $1.75/bale


Save time and money - Quick and easy hydraulic application uses fewer man-hours to cover more acres in a day

Performance - Hydraulic products have comparable erosion control capabilities to blankets, and Flexterra® HP-FGM™ exceeds all blanket performance

Rebate - Receive BIG rebates when using Profile Products' manufactured hydraulic matrices

Always efficient - Hydraulics can save you pre work, allows greater coverage of rough terrain and reduces do-overs and callbacks

Your peace of mind - No netting left behind, environmentally friendly materials and proven superior vegetation establishment

Product to product, across all categories, Profile's comprehensive line of cost-effective, earth-friendly products have the best overall performance, which reduces your costs, making you money, and we do the third-party testing to prove it.


Learn 5 ways to make your business more profitable.

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  1. Reduce Installation Costs
  2. Eliminate Callbacks
  3. Maximize Water Use
  4. Get Paid Faster
  5. Protect the Environment