Hydraulic Mulch Additives

Create optimal soil conditions for more reliable results on every job today.

ProPlus® Prescriptive Solutions comprise the industry’s most advanced line of soil amendments, tackifiers and fiber mulch additives for establishing and sustaining vegetation. They help:

  • Seeds germinate more quickly and more completely
  • Plants develop deeper roots for more sustainable results
  • Hydraulic slurries shoot farther and spread more evenly
  • Mulches bond to soil more securely

The agronomic expertise behind Green Design EngineeringTM goes into every ProPlus formula.  Our formulas are specially designed for specific applications.  

Start with a FREE soil test at PS3 to determine exactly what you need.  

ProPlus formulas are specially designed for specific applications:

Assessing and Creating Optimal Soil Conditions is one of Profile's 5 Fundamentals, a holistic approach to establishing sustainable vegetation and receiving the earliest possible Notice of Termination (NOT) - two essential goals of every project.

For turnkey assistance with application of The 5 Fundamentals™ on your next project, beginning with a FREE soil test, use Profile Soil Solution Software (PS3).

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