Streams & Creek Beds

Protect the most environmentally sensitive areas of your course with reinforced turf.

Water features are often some of the most dramatic areas on a golf course. They are also the toughest to protect. Steep slopes, high-discharge waterways and the sensitive wildlife they attract, demand a solution that’s both effective and elegant. Concrete and rip rap are not only expensive, but an eye-sore. Turf is ideal, but only if it can hold up to the sheer of heavy water flow. Fortunately, Profile’s GreenArmor System™ performs on every level.

GreenArmor System is proven to deliver twice the erosion resistance of natural vegetation at almost half the cost of hard armor. The result is a beautiful, higher-density turf established with hydraulically applied mulch that is 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic for unmatched safety on the most sensitive areas on your course.