Mine Reclamation

Providing the right solutions for mine reclamation and closure projects.

Profile® manufactures the most comprehensive line of products for reclamation of drastically disturbed soils. Throughout the world, we partner with mining companies to develop and implement the best solutions for major projects including mines in North America, the Amazon jungle, the Andes Mountains and at elevations of over 4,500 meters in Australasia. No matter how difficult the challenge, Profile’s products and on-site consultative support from accredited industry professionals assure peace of mind knowing we can help you restore your site to its natural condition and:

  • Achieve superior soil stabilization and longer lasting, more complete erosion control
  • Establish native species
  • Reduce costs with proven techniques to establish vegetation on poor to marginal soils
  • Support sustainable restoration using environmentally friendly technologies

To help you plan, you’ll find the industry’s most comprehensive collection of erosion control product specifications here.

Extreme Slopes & Waterways

Moderate to Steep Slopes

Soil Stabilization

Soil Management