Profile Hydraulic Mulch Solutions

Discover The Industry’s Only Complete Line of Hydraulically Applied Mulch Products

For years, we’ve brought you the industry’s best hydraulically applied mulch products for the most demanding job sites. From the highest loading to the highest performing and every step in between, we continue to provide solutions designed to meet virtually any site condition. 

Today, we proudly produce Profile® High Performance (HP) Mulch — a unified family integrating our wood and cellulose mulch lines — and Profile® High Efficiency (HE) Mulch: our proven product line that takes fewer tank loads and less water to load. 

We’ve also expanded the HE lineup to include new High Efficiency Blend and HE Blend with Tack: two hydraulic mulch solutions specifically formulated to accelerate your progress while saving you time on jobs where water isn’t readily accessible.

Learn more about what makes these lines unique and discover how they can immediately make a positive impact on your next job.


Profile® Products also manufactures other lines of wood, cellulose and wood-cellulose blended hydraulically applied mulches. Those brands include:


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