About Profile

Profile® Products is driven to provide effective, environmentally friendly solutions.

Based in Buffalo Grove, Ill., PROFILE Products LLC is a leading developer and manufacturer of highly engineered specialty agriscience materials that promote environmental sustainability while delivering superior performance for horticulture, erosion control, sports turf and other specialty applications. It’s Profile’s mission to consistently help our customers establish sustainable green space through water and soil management and plant establishment. We accomplish this by bringing our knowledgeable people, proven products, groundbreaking technology and personal services on-site to holistically meet real world applications—assuring success in any environment.

Through our ongoing commitment to research and testing, product development and education, Profile® has become a leader and valued resource within the industries we serve. Many of today’s industry standards were innovations developed and introduced by Profile incorporating Green Design Engineering™, a holistic approach that combines environmentally beneficial project design with products that are ecologically responsible. And, as the need for “greener” solutions rises, we will continue to seek out ways to help our customers achieve success. 

Our Product Lines 

Profile® Horticulture: Proven solutions to increase horticultural performance. Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient substrates, controlled release fertilizers and bonded plugs to improve germination, support healthy root development and enhance water management.

Profile® Environmental Solutions: Wide range of products engineered to prevent erosion and establish vegetation for the mine, solar/energy, airport, drill pad and pipeline, coal fire plant, post fire reclamation, golf course, transportation, landfill, and commercial and residential markets. Profile Products is the preeminent manufacturer and supplier of hydraulically applied erosion control technologies, biotic soil media, turf establishment blankets, turf reinforcement mats, and vegetation establishment products. Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3) is the industry's leading solutions-based online design and product selection tool. Spec Builder™ is a fast, free and easy-to-use online specification drafting tool for erosion control and reclamation professionals.

Sports Fields: Field maintenance products and services that maximize sports field safety and performance. Learn more about the superior quality of Turface® and SAF products.

Profile Golf™: Products and resources designed to help golf course architects, builders and superintendents find the most effective solutions for both maintenance and construction.