Profile Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner

At the root of beautiful landscapes.

Profile® Lawn & Landscape Soil Conditioner is comprised of porous ceramic particles that won’t decompose or break down over time like peat. The balanced structure and pore space is permanent. Whether it’s in containers, hanging baskets, planting beds, vegetable gardens, backfill around trees or shrubs, for lawn maintenance or aerification, porous ceramics create ideal conditions that lead to:

  • Larger plants
  • More flowers
  • Larger blooms
  • Reduced plant stress

Designed to enhance all soil types, Profile Lawn & Landscape porous ceramic particles improve water- and nutrient-holding capabilities, increase oxygen levels at the root zone, reduce compaction and facilitate drainage when soils are saturated. The particles also hold water and release it as needed to the plant, delaying the need for additional watering or irrigation.

More than 30 years of university and independent research underscore the benefits of using Profile porous ceramic particles throughout the landscape. These findings prove that Profile makes it easier to work soil, help plants grow faster, reduce the frequency of irrigation, make more efficient use of fertilizer, and produce healthier turf and ornamentals.

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