Coal-Fired Plants

Solutions for managing fly ash challenges.

Stricter regulations regarding fly ash storage, disposal and handling methods are being enacted, requiring cost-effective erosion control, stabilization and dust suppression technologies. As a world leader in erosion control and vegetative establishment technologies, Profile Products has a broad range of products, techniques and expertise to help your organization manage fly ash storage, revegetation, handling and transportation challenges. We shared some of that expertise at the World of Coal Ash via a paper on Five Fundamentals for Successful Restoration of Coal Ash Sites. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Create greater assurance of regulatory compliance using environmentally friendly technologies
  • Provide safe, affordable cover systems to reduce airborne particles and dust on exposed fly ash for short-term protection on active sites or up to 12 months cover on established storage
  • Control erosion and establish vegetation more quickly on inactive ash storage areas, landfill structures, dikes and levees
  • Reduce costs with fast, easy and safe hydraulic application
  • Manage movement of moisture-laden fly ash to and from storage sites in rail cars

To help you plan, you’ll find the industry’s most comprehensive collection of erosion control product specifications here.

Erosion and Dust Mitigation

Active Fly Ash Stabilization

Runoff Reduction

Soil Management

Ash Moisture/Transportation Management