Revolutionary System—Unprecedented Results

The results of a comprehensive evaluation of GreenArmor™ System

Image taken during testing at Colorado State University.Designers need to know TRM performance limits in both vegetated and unvegetated conditions. The GreenArmor™ System has been comprehensively evaluated at the world renowned Colorado State University (CSU) Hydraulics Laboratory. All testing was conducted according to the ASTM D6460-06
protocol—“Determination of Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECP) Performance in Protecting Earthen Channels from Stormwater Induced Erosion.”

Vegetated Results:

View of the GreenArmor System, demonstrating extensive root development within and below the reinforcing matrix.

Using the GreenArmor System, a mixture of warm season Bermuda grass varieties were seeded and established in a portable planter box for a period of 4 months. The planter box was then placed into a hydraulic flume at a fixed slope of 50 percent (2:1 H:V).The reinforced vegetation was then subjected to a series of increasing water discharge rates.

Close monitoring of the severe conditions proved the reinforced warm season grasses resisted extreme flow velocities and shear stresses—a testimony to the strength, dimensional stability and true root reinforcement provided by the GreenArmor System. Further, the 4-month stand of warm season species demonstrated lower plant density and ground coverage than the solid stands of reinforced mature cool season grasses typically tested under these flow conditions—offering a more real-world evaluation of this system.

Image taken during testing at Colorado State University.

Vegetated Product Critical Shear Stress Average Manning's
(n value)
System 7020
17.0 lb/ft²  0.05

Unvegetated Results:

The objective of unvegetated testing is to measure the ability of a TRM to resist soil erosion prior to vegetative establishment. The unvegetated GreenArmor System was installed within an indoor flume above a one-foot thick soil layer and subjected to increasing flow discharges. This research demonstrated the unique properties of Flexterra® HP-FGM™ to physically bond to the soil surface and create a barrier to overland flow; resisting soil erosion and holding seeds in place. The GreenArmor 7020 System produced the highest unvegetated critical shear stress and velocity ratings reported in the industry—easily outperforming other TRM products.

Post-test endurance results concluded that unvegetated GreenArmor 7020 exhibited a critical shear stress of 5.8 lb/ft2.


Unvegetated Product Critical Shear Stress Average Manning's 
(n value)
System 7010
3.3 lb/ft² 0.028
System 7020
5.8 lb/ft² 0.023