Keeping your fairways green and healthy.

Whether it’s establishing a healthy stand of grass, adding porosity to native soils, or enhancing pH levels for greater nutrient uptake, Profile® can help you maximize your next construction/renovation project as well as your on-going maintenance program. We have solutions to:

  • Increase the water-, nutrient- and oxygen-holding capacity of your fairways —delaying the onset of drought stress—while still providing superior drainage.
  • Safely and quickly lower pH and loosen soil for greater water infiltration and healthier, thicker turf.
  • Accelerate grow-in with ProPlus® Prescriptive Agronomic Formulations and advanced fiber hydraulic mulch—designed to hold your hydraulically-seeded or sprigged material in place and create the ideal conditions for fast seed germination.
  • Quickly and easily repair turf with CoverGrow™ —mulch granules that can be applied hydraulically through a broadcast spreader or by hand.