Flexible Growth Medium (FGM)

Today’s most technologically advanced hydraulic mulch.

A Flexible Growth Medium™ (FGM™) offers you the greatest assurance of success, especially when site conditions are extreme and design safety is critical. It's the ideal choice for erosion control that demands functional longevity. Use FGM for dormant seeding, long-term protection in arid climates, and other projects needing extended protection.

When Profile Products created the world’s first FGM in 2004, it represented the most advanced technology in the spectrum of hydraulic mulches—until 2010. That’s when Profile’s second-generation product known as High Performance-Flexible Growth Media (HP-FGM) was introduced. Today, nothing matches Flexterra® HP-FGM™ or CocoFlex™ Extended-Term Flexible Growth Medium (ET-FGM) in their ability to immediately control erosion and quickly establish vegetation.

The ProFlex System delivers outstanding results on the toughest sites. An application of ProGanics® Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) lays the foundation for soil health, followed by an application of Flexterra. You get two of the highest-performing solutions in their class.