Tee Boxes

Protecting your tees for the long term.

Between divots and the constant flow of foot traffic, this is an area that can require a significant amount of time and attention. Fortunately, Profile Golf™ offers soil amendments designed to resist compaction, manage moisture, improve nutrient retention and create the ideal growing environment for your turf. We can help you:

  • Build it right, from the start—Profile’s porous ceramic particles will balance moisture, oxygen and nutrients better than sand and won’t seal off water and oxygen to the root zone like some organics. Profile’s particles don’t break down over time, providing long-term benefits to the root zone!
  • Maintain tee boxes to combat compaction by topdressing with Profile® Porous Ceramics (PPC) Greens Grade™. With only 3 percent degradation over 20 years, you will continue to get moisture, oxygen and nutrients to the root zone, resulting in less stress and greater turf health.
  • Fill divots smarter and faster—Profile® makes blending a divot mix easier by drying out the sand and seed mixture for easy mixing and keeps seeds from germinating in the container.