Soil Amendments

Permanently enhance soil at the root zone with Profile® Porous Ceramics (PPCs).

Profile® has the soil solutions you need to permanently enhance your root zones for improved germination, increased oxygen levels, and greater water and nutrient retention. Our industry-leading Profile® Porous Ceramic (PPC) soil conditioners replace peat and other inferior products in native soil and sand mixes. The secret is a ceramic particle that only degrades 3% over 20 years, providing decades of ideal conditions at the root zones of golf greens, fairways, landscaping beds and more! Choose the solution that’s right for you:

Featured Products


Safely and quickly decrease soil pH, salts and bicarbonates for healthier, thicker turf.

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Profile Field & Fairway

Profile® Field & Fairway™ permanently improves native soil root zones and helps turf withstand heavy traffic.

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Profile Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner

Creates ideal soil conditions for stronger, deeper roots, larger plants and reduced stress.

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Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC) Greens Grade

Profile® Porous Ceramic (PPC) Greens Grade™ soil amendment permanently improves sand-based root zones.

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