Dry Applied Mulch

New erosion control and revegetation technology for unique sites and uses.

The technology and expertise that make Profile Products’ hydraulically applied mulches second to none led to the creation of a cutting-edge alternative: mulches that don’t need water for application. They offer tremendous weight reduction for aerial applications and great flexibility in covering remote or dry sites. They are ideal for smaller projects as well as some of the biggest:

  • Roadside projects
  • Pipeline restorations
  • Landscaping
  • Post-fire reclamations
  • Drilling pads

Featured Products

Seed Aide Aero

Seed Aide® Aero™ soil stabilization granules for flexible application.

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The Best Granular Mulch to Quickly and Easily Establish Vegetation.

Ideal for small hydroseeders or broadcast application, Seed Aide CoverGrow helps grass start fast.

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