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Your total growth partner. In the ground, on the ground, by your side.

Profile Golf™ is the game’s premier provider of proven golf course product solutions that are scientifically formulated to establish, maintain and improve turfgrass and surrounding vegetation across every high-profile area of a golf course. Whether you’re embarking on an ambitious renovation, bold new construction or everyday maintenance, Profile Golf’s high-performance vegetative and erosion-control products, scientific soil amendments, and agronomic experts work to improve grow-in, optimize play, simplify upkeep and maximize a course’s aesthetic appeal. We are your start-to-finish golf course partner.

You’ll find our products and services …

In the ground …
Our Profile Porous Ceramics (PPC) help to amend greens mix to help you fight localized dry spot, reduce drought stress and disease, and effectively manage moisture throughout the soil profile.

On the ground …
With our #1 specified hydraulically-applied mulch, you’ll establish vegetation faster, accelerate germination and prevent erosion, all while saving water during grow-in.

By your side …
Our expert consultation sets your project on the right path, and our proprietary project software at provides product recommendations to optimize vegetation and control erosion and sediment. We also offer:

  • Free soil testing for new construction and renovations
  • Expert root-zone guidance and troubleshooting

Do you have an ambitious renovation project? New Construction? Or a maintenance issue that needs expert guidance?


What Our Customers Are Saying
We’ve worked on the most prestigious courses and with the best designers in the world. Here are a few notable projects:

Industry Solutions


Profile Golf™ offers a full line of products that improve the growing conditions on greens, resulting in reduced maintenance and input costs and longer green life.

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Tee Boxes

Between divots and constant foot traffic, tee boxes can require a significant amount of time and attention. Profile Golf™ offers products that create the ideal growing environment for your turf.

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Whether it’s establishing a healthy stand of grass, or enhancing pH levels for greater nutrient uptake, Profile® can help you maximize your next construction/renovation project as well as your on-going maintenance program.

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Bunkers are one of the most challenging features a builder and superintendent will face. Building them right, the first time, can make all of the difference.

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Streams & Creek Beds

Water features are often some of the most dramatic areas on a golf course. They are also the toughest to protect. Fortunately, Profile’s GreenArmor System™ performs on every level.

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Through our partnership with the ASGCA and GCBAA, we've been involved in hundreds of renovation projects. Profile® Porous Ceramics have been successfully used on over 1,000 courses worldwide.

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