Waste Management

Cost-effective alternatives to soil and tarps.

Reduce daily cover costs, preserve landfill capacity and provide greater environmental safety with alternative daily cover and capping solutions from Profile Products. Our hydraulically applied alternatives to soil cover use Thermally Refined® wood fibers combined with cellulose fiber and a viscous hydro-colloid tackifier for a thinner, superior barrier. These advanced matrices help to:

  • Reduce labor and material costs
  • Lower emissions and fuel costs
  • Cut down on airborne debris and odor
  • Ensure superior coverage while improving the functional lifespan of the landfill
  • Improve Landfill Gas Management System efficiency
  • Minimize leachate pockets and runoff
  • Deter unwanted pests

To help you plan, you’ll find the industry’s most comprehensive collection of erosion control product specifications here.

Alternative Daily Cover

Capping Soil Enhancement

Capping Erosion Control and Vegetative Establishment