Terra-Matrix™ Stabilized Mulch Matrix (SMM)

Cost-effective soil stabilization on active construction and building sites.

More stringent standards of the Clean Water Act have made it essential for site managers to have low-cost yet effective methods of preventing erosion and sediment loss on all sites where soil has been disturbed. Introduced in the early 2000’s, Terra-Matrix™ has proven to provide superior performance for up to 6 months on pads and slopes, from flat to a grade of 2.5H:1V.

Terra-Matrix SMM is:

  • Pre-blended with a combination of Thermally Refined® wood fibers, cross-linked tackifiers and activators to anchor the fiber matrix firmly to the soil surface
  • Hydraulically applied and able to prevent polymer leaching
  • Designed to stand up to multiple rainfall events for reliable erosion protection for up to 6 months
  • The result of Green Design Engineering™

Profile® also produces EcoMatrix™ SMM.