Hydro-Blanket Bonded Fiber Matrix

Like a blanket in a tank—only better.

Hydro-Blanket® Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) sprays on as mulch, but dries to form a breathable blanket that bonds more completely with the soil, more effectively prevents erosion, and saves time and money compared to erosion control blankets as well as other BFMs.

  • Only BFM to combine Thermally Refined® wood fiber and multi-dimensional tackifiers for greater water-holding capacity, more complete germination and faster vegetation establishment
  • Proven to control erosion more completely than other BFMs
  • Anchors intimately to the soil through proprietary cross-linked, hydro-colloidal tackifiers and activators
  • Completely biodegrades and is non-toxic, like all Green Design Engineering™ products
  • Compared to erosion control blankets, Hydro-Blanket:
    • Faster, safer and easier to apply than rolled blankets
    • Eliminates staples and stakes; tenting and rilling
    • Eliminates extensive and more costly site preparation