Thermally Refined Wood Fiber

Superior fibers deliver superior results.

The result of Green Design Engineering™, nothing better illustrates Profile Products’ commitment to superior quality and environmental care than our wood fibers. Compare them to those of our competitors:

Profile® starts with 100% recycled wood chips. They are then Thermally Refined® in a process that creates fine, long and highly absorbent fibers. These engineered fibers are the source for Profile’s superior:

Competitive refining technologies develop inferior fibers that deliver less yield, coverage and water-holding capacity. You need more bales of "bargain-priced mulch" to achieve the coverage and performance of Profile’s Thermally Refined wood fiber matrices. Unlike competitive mulches, our fibers also maintain their water-holding ability, enabling them to enhance germination and growth establishment. Claims by competitive mulches that save or use less water during application just don’t hold water, because they don't deliver as good of results.

The heat and pressure fibers are subjected to, as part of the Thermally Refined process, also effectively phyto-sanitize the material. Phyto-sanitization kills all pathogens and weed seeds that may be present—another reason Profile-produced wood fiber mulches are especially good for use in vegetating fine turf areas. Blown straw and straw/wood/coconut fiber erosion control blankets are notorious for harboring undesirable plant matter that can ultimately compete with turf grass and its aesthetics.


Earth-Friendly Facts

Through the years, Profile Products* has recycled over 2 billion pounds of wood and paper, removing it from the waste stream and returning it to the natural environment.

* PROFILE Products LLC, including all subsidiaries, predecessors and acquired companies.

By more effectively trapping and holding more moisture, Profile mulches make far better use of rain that would otherwise run off with the potential to wash away soil and without benefiting plant growth. Phyto-sanitization removes pathogens and undesirable weeds from Profile mulches.