ProGanics for Waste Capping

Waste capping designs employ an intricate progression of barrier and soil layers placed to prevent water (leachate) fromentering the confined materials whilealso establishing vegetative cover to control erosion, reduce sediment discharge and improve visual aesthetics. Typically, waste materials are contained within engineered impervious cells that are topped with impermeable covers such as compacted clay or a geosynthetic membrane/liner. Next, a geosynthetic drainage composite is placed above the impervious layer to route infiltrating water off of the cap. An 18-24 inch cover soil is next placed above the containment and drainage layers, finally topped with a 6 inch vegetative soil layer (VSL) consisting of topsoil or a manufactured soil per project specifications.

While placement of the cover soil may be relatively cost efficient, identifying and procuring soils capable of establishing sustainable vegetation can be problematic. Seldom is a nearby source of topsoil readily obtainable and production of manufactured soils to hopefully achieve desired soil properties can also be quite costly. Recently, Profile Products introduced ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) as a cost-effective alternative to these expensive soils. BSM offer organic material with a full complement of biostimulants and soil building components that accelerate vegetative establishment and work to build sustainable soils directly upon the cover material. ProGanics also offers the convenience and ease of application using standard hydraulic seeding equipment to speed installation time. ProGanics is composed solely from recycled and naturally derived materials to provide environmentally sustainable solutions.