Spray It. Don't Lay It! Manufacturer Rebate





What is the SPRAY Program?

Receive greater discounts and on more products when you convert rolled blankets or sod to hydraulically applied products.

Download the "Spray It, Don't Lay It" rebate program form to start earning up to $100 per ton of product. To qualify, successfully convert a project specified for sod or rolled erosion control blankets to Profile® hydraulics. Submit any amount of projects for rebates to save even more time and money. 

 Download Rebate Form 


Current Rebate Amounts

Product Rebate Amount
ProMatrix® EFM™ / EcoMatrix® EFM™ $75 USD / ton or $1.88 / bale
Profile® HE BFM / HE Guar Plus $75 USD / ton or $1.88 / bale
Flexterra® HP-FGM® / EcoFlex™ HP $100 USD / ton or $2.50 / bale

Profile® HE All In One BFM / All In One Guar Plus

$100 USD / ton or $2.50 / bale

Product Conversion Chart

Slope Gradient Blanket Avanced Hydraulic Matrices
< 3H:1V Single Netted ProMatrix® EFM™, EcoMatrix® EFM™, Profile® HE BFM, Profile® HE Guar Plus
> 3H:1V to 2H:1V Double Netted ProMatrix® EFM™, EcoMatrix® EFM™, Profile® HE BFM, Profile® HE Guar Plus

> 2H:1V to < 0.5H:1V

Double Netted Flexterra® HP-FGM®, EcoFlex™ HP, Profile® All In One BFM, Profile® All In One Guar Plus
  Sod Replacement Any of the products listed above

Why Hydraulic Mulch is Better Than Blankets

Save Time and Money: Quick and easy hydraulic application uses less labor to cover more acres in a day.

Performance: Our advanced hydraulic products have comparable erosion control capabilities to blankets, and our Flexterra® HP-FGM® and EcoFlex™ HP products exceed blanket performance.

Rebate: Receive BIG rebates when using Profile Products’ manufactured hydraulic matrices.

Always Efficient: Hydraulics can save you time and money on site prep, provide better coverage over rough terrain and reduce do‑overs and callbacks.

Your Peace of Mind: No harmful and unsightly netting left behind; only environmentally friendly materials and proven superior vegetation establishment.

Reduce your costs and boost profits with Profile's comprehensive line of effective, earth-friendly products—proven by third-party testing to deliver the best possible performance.

Learn 5 Ways to Make Your Business More Profitable

  1. Reduce Installation Costs
  2. Eliminate Callbacks
  3. Maximize Water Use
  4. Get Paid Faster
  5. Protect the Environment