DustRX Hydro

100% Biobased Dust Control Solution

Fugitive dust from mining, construction and commercial projects not only raises maintenance costs and hampers productivity, but also poses significant risks to worker health. DustRX Hydro is a 100% biobased solution thatDustRX Hydro Logo tackles these dust emission challenges while minimizing water usage and application frequency. Environmentally friendly and a sustainable alternative to other dust control products, DustRX Hydro mitigates dust through increased wettability and water reduction, providing a binding effect on soil particles.

Spraying DustRX HydroThis dust control solution is entirely biodegradable and engineered for utilization in conventional water trucks and hydroseeders. Elevate your dust control strategy with DustRX Hydro: the solution that meets dust control needs and exceeds your highest expectations.

Specifically formulated for application using hydroseeding or conventional watering trucks, DustRX Hydro features a proprietary agent that briefly delays the hydration process when added to the water tank. This unique feature ensures that the product disperses uniformly in water before becoming a soluble solution, yielding a seamless and clump-free mixture. Feel confident spraying from a watering truck or hydroseeder tower and hose without fear of clumping, fisheyes or corrosive wear on your equipment.

  • Environmentally safe solution for fugitive dust
  • USDA Certified Biobased Product (100%)
  • Formulated for hydroseeder applications
  • Keeps equipment active between seasons
  • Spend more time on the jobsite with new offerings

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