Profile HydroStraw High Efficiency (HE) Mulch

NEW Profile® High Efficiency (HE) Mulch Solutions feature the newly reformulated HydroStraw® products. Ideal on a broad range of site conditions, you can put more HydroStraw HE Original on the ground in less time. Better yet, you can do it with fewer tank loads and less water thanks to the versatile straw base. You can add up to 50% more mulch and spray up to 50% more area per tank load. Our complete line of Profile® HydroStraw High Efficiency products include:

  • HydroStraw HE Original
  • HydroStraw HE Guar Plus
  • HydroStraw HE Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)
  • HydroStraw HE All-in-One

HydroStraw products are the highest loading products on the market within their respective classes and save you time on the job site.