Spray It. Don’t Blow It. Hydraulic Mulch Rebate

What is the SPRAY Program?

Successfully convert a project specified for blown straw over to Profile® produced hydraulic mulch or HydroStraw® High Efficiency products to receive a rebate of $75 per acre. No limit or cap on the number of projects or tons. May not be combined with other offers.

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Save Time and Money on Your Next Project

More project managers and contractors are opting for Profile hydraulic mulch because it’s quick, easy and cost competitive with straw. And just as important, it’s much more effective. Protect yourself against callbacks and put more money in your pocket.

Current Rebate Amounts

Wood or HydroStraw® HE Original $30 USD / ton
Wood with Tack or HydroStraw® HE Guar Plus $30 USD / ton
Wood/Cellulose Blend $30 USD / ton

Wood/Cellulose Blend with Tack or HydroStraw® HE Cellulose Fiber Plus

$30 USD / ton

Cellulose with Tack

$30 USD / ton

* Profile Cellulose is not a qualified product. Qualified brands include Profile Mulch, HydroStraw, HydroCover and EcoSolutions.