Profile’s Industry-Leading Products

Our history of technical advancement, product innovation and real world experience provides the foundation for best-in-class products. From Flexterra HP-FGM™ to ProPlus® additives, our full line of solutions is designed and engineered to deliver value you can depend on. Our new Engineered Fiber Matrix™ (EFM), ProMatrix™ and CoverGrow™ Spray or Spread Mulch Pellets are the latest examples of how we keep pace with your changing needs.

  • Foster faster, more complete vegetative establishment
  • Create sustainable vegetation as the ultimate erosion solution
  • Minimize soil loss and prevent erosion
  • Maximize product performance, yield, coverage and longevity
  • Ensure environmental safety

Product Categories

Dry Applied Mulch

New erosion control and revegetation technology for unique sites and uses.

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Engineered Soil Media™ (ESM™)

Accelerates development of depleted soils/substrates for vegetation establishment.

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Hydraulic Erosion Control Products (HECPs)

Utilize the speed and cost-savings of hydraulically applied mulches.

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Hydraulic Mulch Additives

Greater value in every tank; more reliable results for every job.

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Profile Hydraulic Mulch Solutions

Profile’s hydraulically applied mulches are where technology and performance create the best value.

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Rolled Products

When rolled products are the best option, Profile® has the best solutions.

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Soil Amendments

Permanently enhance soil at the root zone with Profile® Porous Ceramics (PPCs).

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Ensure site stability throughout the course of a project or fill.

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