Futerra Erosion Control Performance

Proven 99.9% effective at keeping soil in place

Futerra® blankets have been proven to deliver the highest effectiveness rating when compared to traditional straw and excelsior blankets. They have been evaluated under the standard growth establishment testing protocol developed and endorsed by the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC)—the technical and marketing trade association for rolled erosion control products.

Futerra Proven 99.9% Effective
  C-Factor1 Effectiveness Rating Soil Loss/Plot2
Futerra® F4 EnviroNet  0.0007 99.9+% 0.2lb
Futerra®  Netless® 0.001 99.9% 0.4lb
Single-Net Straw Blanket 0.073 92.7% 28.9lb
Single-Net Excelsior Blanket 0.075 92.5% 29.8lb
Bare Soil Control 1.000 0.0%


1Test Conditions — UWRL Rainfall Simulator, Slope Gradient — 2.5H:1V 
Soil Type — Sandy Loam; Rainfall Event — 5"/hr; Test Duration — 1 hr

2Plot size 4' by 19.5'

Comparative data from the demanding testing protocol developed at the Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) demonstrates that Futerra® F4 Netless® and EnviroNet™ took erosion control effectiveness ratings to unprecedented levels. Percent effectiveness compares erosion amounts of a slope treated with an erosion control device versus the same unprotected slope when subjected to carefully controlled rainfall events. Slope gradient, length, soil type, rainfall intensity, raindrop kinetic energy and event duration are the most commonly evaluated parameters when comparing erosion control devices. Percent effectiveness is determined by subtracting the soil loss ratio of the treated surface versus an untreated control surface (“C” Factor) from one and multiplying by 100 percent.

Soil Loss/Acre*