How NeutraLime Dry improves vegetative performance

ProPlus® NeutraLime™ Dry quickly neutralizes acidic soils, promoting more complete germination and improving nutrient uptake. The faster you establish vegetation, the sooner you can walk away from an erosion control project. NeutraLime will help you do just that. The following chart illustrates the availability of key nutrients at various soil pH levels.

By bringing soil pH into the “sweet spot” of between 6.3 and 7.3, NeutraLime™ Dry can help you establish vegetation faster by:

  • Making nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and others more readily available in the soil solution for plant uptake and conversion
  • Loosening soils to improve water infiltration and to promote more robust root development
  • Facilitating more complete nutrient utilization to minimize leaching or runoff into streams, rivers, lakes, bays and groundwater

NeutraLime Dry delivers a longer, effective neutralizing effect—up to 18 weeks versus 12 weeks for liquid products, because of its graduated sizing. Smaller micron particles react quickly in the soil. The effect becomes more gradual as the micron particle size increases. The graduated sizing of NeutraLime Dry (illustrated below) means it releases calcium carbonate (CaCO3) more quickly, and over longer time periods compared to other fast-response liming sources.