ProGanics DUAL Datasheet

ProGanics® DUAL™ Biotic Soil + Erosion Control is a holistic formulation designed to efficiently accelerate development of depleted soils/substrates with low organic matter and limited biological activity while simultaneously providing effective site erosion protection in a convenient one step application. ProGanics DUAL made in the United States, plastic-free, contains 100% recycled bark and wood fibers that have been phytosanitized to eliminate potential weed, seeds and pathogens. The patented ProGanics DUAL formulation also contains a proprietary composition of crimped biodegradable interlocking fibers derived from regenerated cellulose sourced from sustainably harvested wood, micro-pore granules, naturally derived cross-linked biopolymers and water absorbents to achieve Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) erosion control performance. Upon application, ProGanics DUAL forms an intimate bond with the soil surface to create a continuous, porous, absorbent and flexible erosion resistant blanket that allows for rapid germination and accelerated plant growth.