ProGanics Patent-Pending, Non-Toxic Formulation

The ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) patent-pending, non-toxic formulation has been innovated using time-proven components from the horticultural and erosion control industries.

Key ingredients include:

  • Renewable Thermally Refined® Bark and Wood Fibers—to provide organic matter, high moisture retention and maximum coverage; phyto-sanitized to eliminate weed seeds and pathogens
  • Biochar—derived from pyrolysis of renewable wood sources (heating under high temperatures)—to create stable, porous particles that demonstrate a high Cation Exchange Capacity and a high ability to hold water and nutrients, while providing prime habitat for beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Cross-Linked Polysaccharide Biopolymers—to increase water-holding capacity, viscosity and bond strength of the media matrix
  • Proprietary Formulation of Fast-Acting and Sustained Release Soil Building Components Containing Seaweed Extract, Humic Acid and Endomycorrhizae—have been proven under demanding conditions in a wide variety of environments