Solar Sites

Save time and ensure regulatory compliance with cost-effective, hydraulically applied solutions for restoration and revegetation.

Strict regulatory requirements, close scrutiny, dust control concerns, and stormwater and topsoil issues are challenges facing solar farm installations. As a world leader in both vegetative establishment technologies and erosion control, Profile Products is uniquely qualified to help address these critical factors while saving you time and money. With products like Vegetator® seed mixesProGanics® Biotic Soil Media™ProGanics® DUAL™ and Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium®, you can implement proven solutions under the most challenging conditionsProfile's hydraulically applied engineered products are specifically designed to: 

  • Provide holistic solutions that cut time and labor while accelerating results so you finish your project on time with protective vegetative cover
  • Establish ideal vegetation that meets industry regulations, community restrictions and solar design parameters
  • Protect, enhance and optimize your site in terms of dust control or stormwater mitigation
  • Ensure the valuable land and soil is enhanced to remain healthy and productive
  • Reduce compaction and prevent the erosion of precious topsoil
  • Deliver environmental benefits with 100 percent recycled materials while transforming dirt into healthy soil

Lean more by downloading our solar information sheet, or find the best solutions for your site by contacting us at 800-508-8681.

Solar Info Sheet